Our innovations

Shuttle system for buffering

MFI has developed a space-saving concept for buffering stacks of empty containers. Existing space is put to optimum use with the shuttles that travel along rails. The expandable modular storage solution in a stainless steel design offers excellent accessibility and high operational reliability as well as optimum cleaning possibilities.

All-purpose feeder for separators

Your solution for the automated insertion of papers or mats in trays or baskets!

Our all-purpose feeder can be installed flexibly, for example

  • as stand-alone unit before the trays are filled
  • as automatical solution with de-stacking - insertion of paper - de-stacking of the empty baskets
  • in your automatical warehouse for empty baskets, in which our all-purpose feeder can be integrated

An uninterrupted refilling can be conducted by a second mobile depot, which can be changed and refilled immediately. Of course it is also possible to use only one depot.

EDY core software for more flexibility

We have fundamentally improved and extended our modern, consistent core software for our EDY software system. The option for making customised adaptations has also been greatly simplified. The implementation of maintenance and updates has been facilitated with the new generation of our warehouse management software.

We can fully maintain the current flexibility and specifically tailor it to projects and customers thanks to this modular concept based on warehouse management, material flow, and control system technology.

Our EDY warehouse management software is supported by a database and is easy to use. We can connect EDY to any ERP system thanks to flexible interfaces.

Expansion of our conveyor technology programme for containers, cartons and trays

We have been expanding our product range with different conveyor technology components during our projects. Tray roller conveyors TRF and container chain conveyors BKF for the jam-free conveying of baskets, trays, workpiece carriers etc., as well as the stainless steel impulse elevator TE with a modular design.