Privacy Statement MFI GmbH

1. Personal data

MFI GmbH is delighted you have shown an interest in our company and our services. We therefore aim to ensure that you feel protected when visiting our website, also with regard to the protection of your personal data. That is why we are providing you with detailed information here on how we handle your personal data. In this regard, it does not matter if you are just a visitor to our website, an interested party or a customer.
As part of the legal requirements on collecting data on a website, the following should first be made transparent for users by means of a privacy statement: what personal information is saved, for what purposes is this performed and in what way is this data processed.
'Personal' is the key word in relation to data protection legislation, because whenever data has some personal reference, as defined by the legislation, then it may only be collected, processed or used according to the regulations of data protection legislation. In addition to data protection laws, all other legal regulations governing the handling of personal data must be considered. The mere collecting, processing and use of personal data solely for personal or family obligations remain unaffected by the data protection legislation.
Persons under 18 years of age should not communicate to us any personal data without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. We do not ask for any personal data from children or adolescents, do not collect this and do not pass this on to third parties.

2. Collecting personal data

Below you will find information on which of your personal data is stored by MFI GmbH. This could be your name, address and information on the device you are using (e.g. IP address).



2.1. What data is collected when you visit our website www.mfi-lb.de?

  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Referrer URL
  • Time
  • Duration of visit


2.1.1. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which store information on the computer used to view the pages. Cookies make it possible for us to recognise Web page visitors again and to identify them.  Cookies  used in this way are only permitted if they are necessary for being able to operate the page (§ 15 para. 1 of the German Teleservices Act, or 'TMG'). Other cookies are not permitted (usually also those with a long expiry date).
Cookie Name: mfi-lb.de
Visiting and browsing through our website is possible without cookies of course. To do this you can deactivate the saving of cookies in the browser you are using – usually under 'Tools' > 'Internet Options'; you can restrict cookie use to particular websites; or you can set up your browser so that it tells you when a cookie is sent. However, please be aware that in such instances the online content presented to you will be limited, as will the user guidance. You can also delete cookies at any time. When so doing, the information stored in them is removed from your device.



2.1.2. Social media plug-ins

Privacy statement for the use of Facebook plug-ins (the 'Like' button)

Plug-ins from the social network Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California, 94025, USA) are integrated into our web pages. You will identify the Facebook plug-ins from the Facebook logo or the 'Like' button on our site. You can find an overview of the Facebook plug-ins here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/.    
When you visit our pages a direct connection is established between your browser and the Facebook server through the plug-in. Facebook subsequently receives the information that you have visited our site with your IP address. If you press the Facebook 'Like' button, while you are logged into your Facebook account you can link the content of our web pages to your Facebook profile. This means Facebook can attribute the visit of our site to your user account. Please note that we, as the operator of the web pages, do not receive information about the content of the data transmitted or how it is used by Facebook. You can find additional information on this subject in Facebook's privacy statement: http://de-de.facebook.com/policy.php

If you do not want Facebook to be able to attribute the visiting of our web pages to your Facebook user account, please log yourself out of your Facebook user account.

3. Processing and use of personal data

As a rule, it is possible to use our website without specifying personal data. If personal data is collected on our web pages, such as your name, title or email addresses, this is always performed on a voluntary basis as far as possible. This data is not passed on to third parties without your express permission.

Online applications:
The processing of personal data as part of electronic applications (online applications) to MFI GmbH.
Only applications sent to the email address


are accepted. Due to data protection legislation, application documentation sent to other email mailboxes cannot be treated as such by MFI GmbH.
We delete applicant data 6 months after the expiry of the application process if no employment relationship arises and the party concerned has not provided their consent to an extension period.
Please note that the transmission of data over the Internet – during email communication, for example – may have security flaws. The protection of data from third-party access can never be guaranteed.
Use of the contact data, published as part of the general information requirements of German e-commerce regulations, by third parties for the sending of marketing and information material that has not been explicitly requested is hereby expressly prohibited. The operators of this site expressly reserve the right to take legal action in the event of the unsolicited sending of advertising material, such as through spam mail.

4. Technical and organisational measures

MFI GmbH takes all the necessary technical and organisational security measures necessary to protect your personal data from loss, unauthorised access or other misuse. Your data is therefore saved in a secure operating environment which is not publically accessible.
Our employees have been trained in the issues relating to data protection legislation and handle all data and information to which they obtain access conscientiously at all times.

Should you wish to get in touch with us via email, please note that the confidentiality of the information transmitted cannot be guaranteed. The content of emails may be seen by third-parties.

5. Disclosure, authorisation, deletion and blocking

You have the right to demand from us information about the personal data saved under your identity, and that false information about you is corrected, at any time.

You can get in touch with us in this regard by email: info@mfi-lb.de, by fax +49 (0)7144 / 8 06 18-98 or by post MFI GmbH, Hirschmann-Ring 13, 71726 Benningen a.N., Germany

Taking the provisions of data protection legislation into account, we shall delete the personal data stored under your name, without any intervention required on your part, if the storing of data which is necessary for fulfilling a particular purpose is no longer required, or if the storing of that data is not permitted on other legal grounds. There are some circumstances provided in law, such as legal retention obligations, in which your data may be blocked rather than deleted.

6. The data protection officer

MFI GmbH has an external data protection officer who performs legally prescribed organisational and monitoring tasks. Our data protection officer can be reached as follows:


Moritz Görmann
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 33
64380 Roßdorf
Telefon: 06154 - 57605-0
Fax: 06154 - 57605-29