We understand service to mean the availability of systems and machines.

Service packages have to be designed individually and must take into account the customer and system parameters, such as the operating hours, maintenance capacity, average repair times and complexity. We define, specify and implement our service models together with the operator on this basis:

We offer all models with an unlimited 24/7 time slot all year round.

  • From a professional on-site team to engineers on standby with guaranteed arrival times
  • Hotline for mechatronics, software and IT with callback guarantees
  • Setting preventative maintenance intervals during production stoppages
  • Spare parts management with a wide range of different consignment models

Retrofit – turn old into new
However, service also means advising customers and operators when mechanical assemblies and/or control components and software need to be replaced. It is not important if there is a defect; the fact is that a potential failure could lead to an accident. We refer to this service as retrofit measures, which are also assessed individually – from the simple replacement of a component to the complete modernisation of mechanics and software.